Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday Blues

Sleeveless Top | Noir
Maxi Skirt | Grandma's
Booties | Primadonna

Again, it's fashion Sunday for me. I don't usually wear pumps or heels or wedges on regular days especially when I'm with my friends because I'll be way taller. My height's above average in this country. But, nobody can still stop me from wearing heels on Sundays (and some of the regular days hihi)! I love my Primadonna booties so much, i have to wear them! They're the most comfortable shoes (with heels) that I own. 

As for my skirt, that was grandma's. I found it in one of our closets at home and it was barely used! I will bid bye-bye to it's style pretty soon though. I'll be modifying it and I will be posting it's modified look in lookbook soon!

Got that sleeveless top on sale at SM City Davao Department Store last time. It was 50% off! Got it for P250.00 and it was such a bargain for a top made out of good fabric! It's really fun going around when a there's a sale in the malls. Great finds on the rack become really affordable!

So whuddya think about my look? Lemme know!

Fashion is just like a wheel. What's on trend before will still become a trend again soon.

- thestatuesquecanvas

Popo Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell

Just saw Jeffrey Campbell's new Popo Platforms! These Rainbow platforms were inspired by the children's show Starlite, Mariah Carey's song Rainbow, Lindsay Lohan's Rainbow tube dress, etc. Jeffrey Cambell believes that the Rainbow trend will never go off style. These platforms are perfect for the summer!

by the looks of it, they seem pretty comfortable! 
And they're really cute, aren't they?
Oh how I wish somebody would purchase this (or any JC shoes) for me soon! XD

- thestatuesquecanvas

Pastels, Sheers and Flares

I've been really addicted in looking at different pictures and looks in Lookbook recently, as well as surfing the net for the latest trends. Here in the Philippines, we only have two seasons (or weathers): Sunny and Rainy. Unfortunately, we couldn't really layer up our clothes even if it's rainy. We don't have winter, so as much as I want to wear those cute coats and boots, I couldn't. I'll be bathing myself with my own sweat by the time I finish walking around. But, fortunately, we can still wear cute and stylish outfits here (well, we can actually wear a lot of styles. I just wanted to try all those coats and boots). So here are some of the latest trends in fashion at this time.

note: photos are just copied from the net

First up, PASTELS. I believe this will never go off trend here in our country. I really think pastels are refreshing and they're never hard to pair up with anything.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rising Like a Skyscraper

Vocals: that's ME!
Guitar: Erick
(yes, that's the BF whom I mentioned in some of my blog posts)
Kahon: Viktor
Camera guy: Gian

(This is my barkada, a Filipino term for a group of super close friends)

A few hours after my birthday, when every human being was already snoozing, my friends and I decided to break glasses everywhere and disturb every sleeping soul by doing a cover of the song SKYSCRAPER by Demi Lovato.

THIS IS JUST FOR FUN! so if you do not like my voice or our version, well... EVERYBODY'S ENTITLED TO HIS OR HER OWN OPINION (not being rude here, ayt?). Just enjoying our freedom, guys. LOL.

Oh, and if you're wondering, we named the band 2:01 coz this was recorded at that time ^_^


Kisses! :* :* :*

- thestatuesquecanvas

Saturday, January 28, 2012

FashionBandwagon x PINKaholic: Blog Giveaway II


Its my 2nd BLOG GIVEAWAY ladies!!! Win these cute colored tops to get you ready for the summer season, all from PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe!
Another set of lucky winners! Yes! so just like my previous blog giveaway, I will be choosing six (6) winners. hehe!
Here’s how to join:
Cut-off for entries will be until February 10, friday @ 9pm. Will be announcing the winners on February 11, saturday @ 9pm. Will inform the winners via Twitter so keep yourselves posted ladies! =)
Goodluck!!! <3 mwah!
(This contest is valid only for Philippine residents)

Sunday Shoot

I'm not supposed to be included in the shoot, but I'm honored to have my picture taken despite being in a very casual outfit ^_^

Cyrelle Saavedra
Janine Capilla
Mary Ann Mati-Ong
Ashley Alvarez
Ayeza Siangco

Kristine Villano of kweshiedoodles.blogspot.com

Vanessa Ursua
Photos by Marvin Gepulla of One-Winged Angel Digital Imagery
(the editing's a bit too much, but pretty impressive shots though!)

I was just going along with my boyfriend to their class photoshoot  last Sunday for their upcoming retreat. Didn't really expect to have my picture taken. I was only wearing a casual look. I mean, see how dressed up these girls are? Anyhoo, speaking about that, I was really amazed at how fashionable they were. Erick (my boyfriend) and most of his classmates were really at their best in dressing up that day. I really enjoyed looking at them while their photos were taken. These photos above feature girls who were requested for additional shots after the studio shoot. Who wouldn't want to take these pretty girls' pictures, right? It was a hot day but it was pretty fun too, seeing these people being so gorgeous :)

You only live once so always be at your best!

- thestatuesquecanvas

Friday, January 27, 2012

Trying Out Daddy's Birthday Gift

My Bestfriend's birthday gift for me. Perfect for Bohemian looks!

For the following pictures: Sorry for the quality. Taken with my friend's Ipad :D

Long Sleeve Top: Thrifted (Isis)
Faded Shorts: No Boudaries (dunno from where, but it's from the US)
Newsboy Hat: Human
Jeffrey Campbell inspired Booties: Primadonna

It's my birth month :) I do not usually celebrate my birthday with a party or whatsoever. A simple dinner with my family and some close friends will always do (just like those pics above).

Last month, my father promised that he'd buy me a gift for my birthday since it would probably by the last birthday that they will sponsor (coz next year, i'll probably earn for myself already). And so he did. He bought me these cute Primadonna booties which are JC-inspired! He even joked about it, saying that I'd already  be taller than my boyfriend when I'm in them. Fortunately, my boyfriend didn't care. haha. When my dad bought the shoes, he didn't care about the price. He just bought it, knowing that I want em so much. :)

The booties are pretty comfortable! Primadonna didn't fail me. Will buy more soon! I am very happy to have this pair as my birthday gift. THANKS PAPA!

Gifts, even as simple as a letter, make people smile because they only mean that you are in somebody else's thoughts :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teenage Vintage

Inner: Milk & Co.
Pink-striped top: Redhead
High waist shorts: Thrifted
Photos by Johfil Villanueva

If given a chance, I'd really want to go back to my teenage days and enjoy em to the fullest. I have my own issues due to happenings in my past. I've been left by people whom I didn't ever expect to leave me and they also broke my trust. Because of those events, I wasn't able to enjoy those years. I had anger and hatred in my heart which led me to do things just to prove to people that I am worth it and I don't deserve to be treated badly and lied to. I even entered MED SCHOOL just coz I thought that if I would become a doctor, I'd get that prestige and respect that I deserve. I had trust issues and I admit that until now, it would take time for me to say that I trust somebody.

But here's the thing. I stopped med school 3 months ago. I just stayed there for one sem. Why? Because I've decided to let all the negative feelings go and just forgive. I had the wrong reasons in entering medschool, so I've decided to stop and live life the right way. I just want to enjoy the life that God blessed me with. I realized that I will not gain anything but sadness if I let the anger and hatred in me grow more.

Let all the negative feelings go. Learn to accept, learn to forgive. Do these, and you'll see how beautiful life is :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bohemian Touch

Another thrifty moment :)
Photos by Johfil Villanueva

I was actually inspired by another blogger, Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa of thewalkingrecessionista.com. She rocks bohemian outfits! I just wanted to have a touch of Boho in my look just to see if it would look good, and so far, i'm lovin it. Pretty soon, I'll be trying out more Bohemian looks :)

Keep on experimenting until you get the perfect concoction :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Warmth of Summer

Sleeveless top: Folded and Hung
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Top Sider Doll Shoes (Parisian)
Photos by Johfil Villanueva

Jof and I wanted to have a funshoot in one of the most peaceful shores in the area. He had a new camera that he wanted to try out and I wasn't doing anything, so we went out to shoot. It was a very hot day and I really felt summer approaching, so I've decided to wear something that is pretty much fit for the mood :)

 When I was a kid, I remember being so much excited, realizing that classes will finally be over and it's time to have fun in the summer. Of course, going to beaches and adventures were and will never be crushed out of the to-do list during the summer. What makes it more fun is being with the people you love most - friends and family. The feeling of having them around makes the feeling of summer warmer. 

Let all the problems of life go and have fun! Consider each day as a summer day where you can enjoy and make life worthwhile :) 

- thestatuesquecanvas

Newsgirl in Oxfords

Wearing my favorite skull connector ring and featuring my Cracking Nailpolish (I sell em!)

Prima Donna Oxfords c/o Mr. Special Someone, Erick :) Thanks, beb!

Just showing my dyed hair... wow, it's been almost a year since I had my hair dyed!

I really love Belle's hair color (mahogany)!

My pretty friend, June Belle after having his hair cut at La Core
The Peak (at Gaisano Mall of Davao)
Note: This might be the longest blog so far >.<

Today's look:
Jeggings: Jalate
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Primadonna Oxfords

It was so hot outside, I had to wear something sleeveless. I couldn't wear shorts coz I had to take a pre-employment exam this morning. As you can see, I'm just wearing a plain gray razor back and blue jeggings (I know jeggings shouldn't really be worn with a top this short, but it looked good with the shoes). The look was too plain, I had to add my blue denim chaleco which I bought for a cheap price in a store that I couldn't remember, and my favorite navy blue suede newsboy hat. It was my late grandfather's hat and I really treasure it so much.

The Primadonna oxfords are my favorite. They were chosen, bought and given to me by my baby love, Erick. I love em for being so cute and unique. I love em so much, that I bring extra flats just in case it would rain by night coz I don't want em wet. They're pretty comfortable too! Primadonna has a great collection of shoes. They're designs are updated. Try checking their stores out! You can visit their site too if you're too lazy to go out. ^_^

My pretty friend:
I was with my friend, June Belle who also wore a simple but cute outfit! So, I had to take his picture too with his oh so new and cool Samsung Galaxy S-II (ENVY MUCH). His polo and jeans are both from Penshoppe. He said he bought it on sale so it was a good bargain!
Shoes: Converse

What happened today?
I didn't get my hair ironed this morning since I was running late for our pre-employment exam. But, I wasn't late, thanks to my informant, June Belle! haha. Good thing he was at the assigned place so early that he was able to tell me if I was really running late or not. He ended up texting me and telling me to relax coz the exam had not started yet. Soooooo... again, I wasn't late. And I was able to take all 13 tests. The exams were supposed to be easy, unfortunately, almost every test was time pressured. Imagine answering a 50-item math test (just simple MDAS) for 5 minutes! It was THAT pressuring!!!

So since we were drained by that exam, June Belle and I decided to go to a mall in town to have our lunch. Then, we went strolling and took time for digestion. We went to "The Peak", one of the new sights in town. It's on the roof top of the mall. The construction's not yet done, but they already have this lovely water fountain attraction located at the center of the area. Pretty, isn't it? :)

Relaxation after a tiring day is really fun, especially when you spend it with a very good friend :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stylish Rags (being Streetwise!)

Photos by: Johfil Villanueva
Style inspired by the KFC Streetwise Commercial here in the Philippines!

The shirt and the pair of shorts are customized by me all coz i was bored yesterday. :)

 This was actually my brother's shirt which he didn't use anymore. So instead of giving it away or using it as a rug at home, i decided to take a pair of scissors, cut off the collar sleeves and make fringes at the bottom just so it wouldn't look like an ordinary sando. I wanted to put a design on the shirt too, but I still wasn't brave enough, thinking that I might not like the output.

The pair of shorts WERE my old jeans. And since I don't usually wear jeans, I CUT EM TOO. haha. But then, I thought it was still too boring. I wanted to customize it too just like the shirt. Unfortunately, I didn't have any fabric paint around soooooooo... I used my CRACKING NAILPOLISH, knowing that they look good when dry and without the transparent coat. So I put some of it on the shorts, then VOILA! Got what I wanted! Yay!!!

So what do you think of my creations? :) If you wanna know specifically how I did these, don't hesitate to ask!

Let your imaginations and creativity out!

- thestatuesquecanvas

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