Friday, January 27, 2012

Trying Out Daddy's Birthday Gift

My Bestfriend's birthday gift for me. Perfect for Bohemian looks!

For the following pictures: Sorry for the quality. Taken with my friend's Ipad :D

Long Sleeve Top: Thrifted (Isis)
Faded Shorts: No Boudaries (dunno from where, but it's from the US)
Newsboy Hat: Human
Jeffrey Campbell inspired Booties: Primadonna

It's my birth month :) I do not usually celebrate my birthday with a party or whatsoever. A simple dinner with my family and some close friends will always do (just like those pics above).

Last month, my father promised that he'd buy me a gift for my birthday since it would probably by the last birthday that they will sponsor (coz next year, i'll probably earn for myself already). And so he did. He bought me these cute Primadonna booties which are JC-inspired! He even joked about it, saying that I'd already  be taller than my boyfriend when I'm in them. Fortunately, my boyfriend didn't care. haha. When my dad bought the shoes, he didn't care about the price. He just bought it, knowing that I want em so much. :)

The booties are pretty comfortable! Primadonna didn't fail me. Will buy more soon! I am very happy to have this pair as my birthday gift. THANKS PAPA!

Gifts, even as simple as a letter, make people smile because they only mean that you are in somebody else's thoughts :)

- thestatuesquecanvas


missdanbee said...

adorable photos! <3

Gelianne Alba said...

thanks! viewed your blog and followed it too. you've got lovely pictures there too! i hope my blog deserves to be followed by you too, Missdanbee :)

Diane said...

I'm in love with your shoes, so gorgeous!

Gelianne Alba said...

thanks Diane! glad you like them! :D

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