Friday, July 27, 2012


Photos by: Erick Loquez

Silk & Lace Inner (Sleepwear): Victoria's Secret || Shorts and Outerwear: B&W Vintage || Shoes: Thrifted || Bag: Props Manila

Turning heads with neon colors.

In this look, I wanted to show off the pair of shorts and the pair of shoes that I bought just recently. I believe they match perfectly because of their neon colors. I didn't want to be overly colorful and bright so to balance this look a bit, I picked this silk top, which is actually a sleepwear and this thrifted outerwear (which I super love coz it could pair up with almost every top that I have!!! The print is so lovely!) PLUS I added this electrifying PROPS bag that I recently won in Cheyser Pedregosa's Giveaway. Super lucky, don't you think?!

I've noticed the rise of neons in the world of fashion recently so I really had to try it out!
So what do you think of my mixing and matching? Did you like my look?
Let me know, aight? :)

The Statuesque Canvas

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trinkets to Keep Giveaway!

Corset Dress from:

Pumps: Parisian || Bag: Calvin Klein || Accessories: Butingtings

Photos by: Erick Loquez

Corsets and corset dresses are eye candies in fashion nowadays. Corsets are really cute especially those that are printed with flowers, aztec or tribal, etc. It really adds the cute but sexy feel in your outfit.

One shop that I get corset dresses from is Trinkets to Keep. They sell really cute corset dresses and other fashion pieces online. Go check their page for their collections, BUT WAIT! Before you do that, here's a little some'n some'n for yah, my dear readers!

(for Philippine residents only)

Would you like to have a corset dress like what I'm wearing here?
Then you better fill this form up! (Wait for it to load, aight? ^_^)
That easy!

CONTEST DURATION: July 22-August 22, 2012

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, Loves!

- The Statuesque Canvas

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ombre Indulgence

Ombre Polo Top: Oxygen || Ombre Studded Shorts: Jessica's Closet || Wedges: People are People || Matte Pink/Orange Lipstick: Excel Paris

Just before I start...
I am so sorry for the one week hiatus... Erick's grandfather died last week (God bless his soul) and I really had to help out with everything...

Okay, so about this look:
Gotta love ombre. I even tried to have ombred hair, until I decided to color my hair underneath instead. When I got this pair of shorts from Jessica's Closet, I was so inspired to make my own (which I actually blogged about too. Scroll down to see!). 

I wanted a balance in this look. I didn't want too much skin exposed since the shorts are really SHORT. Sometimes, you gotta know how to balance a look so that you would still be a walking doll, turning heads as positive responses. I, personally, am not used to pairing up a pair of shorts with a sleeveless top. I always have a cover up or an outerwear. That's how I balance. I already have long legs. I don't want more skin showing. :)

Fashion isn't just about wearing the latest trends. It's also about smart mixing and matching to get that perfect look you desire.

Thanks for dropping by! Do leave your comments about my look, aight? I highly appreciate em!


- TSC -

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fashion Creepers from OASAP (A Wishlist)

I'm a shoaholic. But it's not all the time that I can last in heels. So with that and with my kind of style, I've been really thinking of buying creepers for some time now. They're perfect for edgy looks and even for regular days. If you're someone who has feet that can't breathe in heels, then these babies from are perfect for you! Being in comfortably in style - perfect.  is one of the most updated fashion shops online. Even before the latest clothes and accessories hit the mall racks, you can surely find em at Oasap, just like getting a pair of edgy leggings that I couldn't really find anywhere here in our city (which was actually an eye candy to people I know!). That's two posts after this post if you want to view it :)

So if you want to be the first to rock the latest outfit in town, you can do it through!
Go check em out!

- the Statuesque Canvas

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Own Pair of Shorts

Artwork Top || DIY Shorts (my old Old Navy's) || Primadonna Booties || Denim outerwear from Gmall || SM Accessories Cross Necklace and Leather bracelets || Excel Paris Volume Uplip Lipstick

If you have read my previous post, well, this is an example of the style I love. This style is so me. :)

Yesterday, I decided to design my own shorts again after almost a year.
And now, here's the finished product!
I'm thinking of making more and selling em in my own online shop (called FADED and TATTERED) where I would also sell make-up (just like that matte lipstick I'm wearing)
I'm actually planning to sell made to order tops and bottoms and make-up, such as MAC.

So, what do you think?
Will you fancy these kind of shorts and make-up?

- the Statuesque Canvas

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Little Twist

Still at home... Please excuse the awkward facial expression.
Photos by Erick Loquez

Top & Robe: B&W Vintage || Leggings: OASAP 

This was what i wore last week when we had to sign our notification assignments at work. It's just somewhat like contract signing. The occasion didn't really call for anything formal or whatsoever, but still, I opted to dress up in a corporate attire... but with a twist. I didn't want to look too much like an office girl so I wore this Scarf-print robe and these unique tights from, one of my favorite online shops!

When I saw these tights from Oasap, it was love at first sight! It really has Gelianne all over it! I have that love for edgy outfits and styles (which I will actually share with you in my future posts) just like what trendy girl musicians, rockers and artists wear - black, studs, see-through tops, tattered bottoms... totally rockin! And if you love edgy styles too, or if you simply have a passion for fashion, then is just perfect for you! Go ahead and visit them and I'm sure their collections will remedy your cravings for fashion items.

Fashion isn't all about outfits that show femininity, but also uniqueness and comfort. You may opt to dress-up with a male-inspired outfit but still look fab and sexy. I am not at all a girl who would just sit down and watch games and shows on TV or just shop around and sit to drink coffee in a cafe (I don't have anything against people like that, just to clear things out). Well, I am partly like that, but most of the time, I tend to indulge in sports and music, which may explain why I love edgy styles. 

We all have different styles, so just know what you want, dress yourself up, and just by adding self-confidence, I guess nothing will go wrong. Of course, you always should consider the place where you are going :) Just add a little twist if you want to for that additional interest and head-turning effect :)

So how's my outfit? Feel free to let me know your thoughts, aight? :)

- the Statuesque Canvas

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