Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Boodle at Blackbeard's Seafood Island

Last Saturday, it was another day out with the boys. It was actually a food trip night since we ate almost the whole night. The highlight was when we decided to eat at Blackbeard's Seafood Island at Abreeza Mall of Davao. Vik wanted to try out their boodles. It's a boodle fight night! Boodle fight is a military style of eating known here in the Philippines where food are prepared on top of banana leaves and viands and rice are ready to eat using your bare hands. It's actually a fun experience especially when you are with your family and/or friends (and especially when all of you are really REALLY hungry!).

Blackbeard's Seafood Island offers an array of boodles and out of all of them, we chose the one named Mt. Apo, named after the mountain with the highest peak in the Philippines located at our region. Take a look at our boodle below!
(sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I just used my phone)

BEFORE the boodle fight:

JP, Viktor, Gian striking a pose before the "fight"
Erick while eating
 Some of the boys had to use plates coz the length of the boodle prepared couldn't reach them. I had fun eating coz I was in front of the boodle. :)

That's Jon Karl with his "Jollibee" look. Weird. This was when the food arrived. haha.

AFTER the boodle fight:
(This is what happens when hungry guys eat. Felt like a storm passed by our table. lol)

It was another fun night with friends. And the best part? This was all Vik and Gian's treat! Nothing beats anything good that's free, right? I believe you can't agree more! haha.

Blackbeard's Seafood Island could be one of your choices if you wanna eat with family and friends. The food may get a lil pricey, but it could be affordable if you share paying with friends. We wanted to try the barkada boodle which was good for 15-20 persons but we opted to try the regular boodles first. It was pretty good. :)

I really had fun and I hope you had fun too while viewing and reading!

By the way, I am sorry for being absent from blogging for a while. It's been really busy at work, but I'm trying my best to update! So keep visiting, aight?

Have a great day, dearies! Hugs and kisses for yah!

- The Statuesque Canvas

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

shARTs: Addicted to printed shorts!

Love shorts? I don't. I'm ADDICTED to shorts! They can certainly show off your legs (and make them look long), make you look like a hot rock star or even elegantly chic. Denim (unless washed or ombred) and plain shorts are somewhat set aside for the moment while printed shorts stand out. Shorts with floral prints, scarf or handkerchief prints, animal prints, skull prints, or whatever print that is for that matter, are pretty much in and head turners in the fashion scene nowadays.

There are many ways on how to wear shorts as such. One way to make your shorts stand out is by pairing it up with a plain top with simple heels or shoes to go with. If you wanna get a little playful, you can also pair it up with a top that's printed too, may it be partly printed or full of prints and that goes for the shoes as well (or simple shoes will do to avoid overdoing the look). And you could also go daring and sexy by wearing a sheer and see-through top to display those printed and high waist shorts. As you see, there are many ways in wearing shorts since they're pretty much all around and very easy to pair up with probably anything in your closet.

So if you want to try those printed shorts out, or if you're addicted to shorts like I am, go check out OASAP. They have an array of shorts that you can choose from and I'm sure that you can find the perfect pair for you there. So go get that pair that has your name all over it now from! Below are more of the cute pairs that I have picked from their collections since they are truly eye candies! Check em out!

How I wish I have all of these in my closet! :)

The Statuesque Canvas

Friday, August 3, 2012

Plains and Prints

Photos by: Erick Loquez

Top: B&W Vintage || Shorts: Trinkets2keep || Necklace: Butingtings

Just one of my comfortable pair ups. I'm getting addicted to prints and neon colors right now, and this is one of my printed tops that I really like because of the silky fabric. It helps to not make me feel the Philippine heat! Plus, these shorts give the balance in this look. Although prints are really in right now, and it's okay to pair a printed top with a printed bottom, sometimes I just choose to balance a look with a printed top and a plain bottom or vice versa. Just a lazy look, I guess. :)

Just like what I've stated above, I've been addicted to prints and neons. So expect more of those in the next posts! As of this post, i hope you like my outfit. Lemme know about your thoughts! :)

The Statuesque Canvas

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