Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boy in Me

It's been really really hard for me to post regularly and it actually pisses me off. But I've been really busy and I can't find much time to blog and yes, I am a very bad blogger... sad :(
But still, I promise to blog in every free time that I have and I hope all of you, my dear readers, will still be there to support me and follow my posts. I'd be very grateful if you do! :)

So here's another look that I feel so comfortable with. As a kid, I really loved to wear closed shoes, especially rubber and boots. I have always felt comfortable wearing them. It's like I didn't always have to worry about acting so girly all the time and I could run around if I wanted to. Well, I was such a boyish kid. And up till now, I still have that little boy inside me. I'm not a skirt person as you see. I really love pairs of shorts and leggings since they make me feel so free to move, don't you agree?

The denim shirt and the vintage-printed inner made me feel more comfortable. They're so me.

Denim polo: thrifted || Inner: Artwork || Leggings/Tights: Maldita || Leather boots: Thrifted || Sunnies: Ray Ban || Watch: Ice

So how about you? Were you boyish as a kid and are you still like that till now? Does that reflect through the clothes you wear? Tell me and post a comment below! :)

the statuesque canvas

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