Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blast in the City!

Again, it's been a week since I blogged :( ... Well, I've been really busy coz it's my first week at work and my friends from Med School in Iloilo came for a visit (for just four days). I was actually really sick those days (of all the days in year!!!), but since I'm their host, I tried to keep them company all the time. I was their driver-slash-tour guide, and boy was it tiring! BUT it was really fun too! :) They arrived last Monday, March 26. Here are some pictures of the things we did and places we went to... 

WARNING #1: may cause excessive drooling (haha. gluttons! well, food trips are really best when you're in Davao City, Philippines!)
WARNING #2: I know I said SOME pictures, but this post may be really lengthy because of them heehee. but I hope you'd enjoy viewing! Lemme take you to with us :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vern and Verviece Enciso at Soul Lifestyle!

Good to Go!

I was really talking to somebody on the phone here, which explains the messy hair  :)

Lace and Sheer Top: Gmall || High Waist Pants: Oxygen || Bag: Louis Vuitton || Belts: Soul Lifestyle

Credits to my photographer (congratulations for finally having your newest gadget!): 
Erick Loquez

Today, I had to go do stuff for the requirements of my job.. OH YES, you read THAT right! I nailed the job I was training for! Yay! So, I'll be starting in a few days, and I just have to complete my requirements. Then after that, I am good to go!

I wore this lace top with sheer sleeves that I recently purchased in a mall. It was pretty cheap for such a pretty piece! I wanted to look corporate-ish so I also wore a pair of black high-waist pants that I also recently bought from Oxygen. It was on sale last week since our city celebrated it's 75th year (there were sales and discounts in every mall in town). I was really confused on what belt to wear and I couldn't really wear just one thin belt (it would make my hips look bigger than they already are!) so I wore two belts that I got from Soul Lifestyle (which were also on sale!). The bag is an original LV that was given to me by my grandma's sister who already passed away about three years ago (God bless her soul). Although heavy, I really love how good it was made! I've had this for years and it never gave up despite me stuffing a lot in it.

We went to Abreeza Mall after that and since there was a meet and greet with two rising Manila bloggers there (I'll be talking bout this in another entry) and I believe I am already dressed up for that too. :)

Do check out my next entry to know more about what happened this day! :)

Hitting two birds with one stone.

- thestatuesquecanvas

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tall Lady HAD to Shop!

I've been really busy lately, hence the hiatus (I am SO SORRY for that!). I've been busy, but I'm actually thankful for it because I'm finally close to having a regular job. I believe I'm doing pretty well in training and I'm trying to be positive about nailing the job :) Anyhooo, I'm not gon elaborate on that job I'm trying to get, but what I'm gon share is pretty much related to it. 

We don't really have uniforms and we have to wear casual or corporate attire every single day. So after I got off from training today, I rushed to the mall to shop because I don't want to run out of clothes to wear! I HAD to shop (I am so not making an excuse just to feed my hunger for clothes and accessories haha), so I did. I was initially looking for khaki pants or any pair of pants  that would be good for corporate attire (I am not a "pants/jeans" person which explains why I need them), but I just just couldn't help but fall in love when I saw a maxi skirt on the rack! So, I ended up buying it. I also bought two belts from Soul Lifestyle, a printed skirt and palazzos from two different online shops.

I'll be doing outfit posts on these soon so watch out for em! :)

P.S. Sorry for the low quality photos. I just took them with my camera phone and the night mode makes the photos pretty blurry... it sucks. pfft! >.<

- thestatuesquecanvas

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Unplanned Plans are Better

Printed Top: Thrifted || White Flare Denim Pants: Levis || Footwear: Mendrez

My friends and I was planning on going to the beach last week. Before we even planned that out, I already have this top and I excitedly thought of wearing it on that day. I think it's really perfect for the summer and for going to the beach.  Unfortunately, the plan didn't work out for some reasons, so I opted to wear it during a day out instead. Paired it with this white flared jeans and I wore these metallic footwear which perfectly went well with my top!

What do you think about my look? Summer-y, right? :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Live to Rock

I really love the wrinkled edges/detail of these jeans.
It's obviously summer already. I guess you could feel the heat through these photos
I have a few chalecos, but this white sheer chaleco's my favorite
This pendant is from a chain of my bestfriend's first ever bike. He made this for me and gave it as a farewell gift when I left med school.

Philippine kakanin!!! yum!

While watching the boiz play ball
Awesome basketball shoes are awesome!
I love how daring/shocking the colors of some basketball shoes are.
Gerry's Grill @ Gaisano Mall of Davao
Gerry's Fried Chicken and Bangus... oh yeah!
My all-time favorite, SISIG!!!

Loose DIY Top || Sheer Chaleco: Soiree || Jeans: Diego/Maldita || Pumps: Parisian || Bangles and Rings: DCLA || Necklace: DIY (gift from a friend)

It's really hot nowadays. In relation to that, I made a loose top just so I'd feel comfortable and wouldn't be bathing in my own sweat in the heat of summer (oh yes, hello, Summer!). As you can see, the sides of the top is a lil bit revealing, so I covered it up with a white sheer chaleco to still make the look chic. I want to balance the outfit and not make it too showy, so I wore those gray jeans with wrinkled details instead of my usual shorts. Oh, you might wonder why I chose to put that print on my top (which, by the way, was my brother's white shirt that he did not use anymore)... well, it's pretty simple. I just want my life to be fun and exciting. I wanna rock my life! I'm just a simple soul who wants to enjoy my every breath and every single day blessed by God... just like today!

It's another day with friends and again, here's another UNPLANNED day. Don't you think unplanned days are better than planned ones? I think they're more exciting! Yesterday was only supposed to be a watch-mah-boiz-play-ball again day. But, boys will be boys and when boys go hungry, THEY REALLY MEAN IT LIKE MONSTERS. Before they played, we had some kakanin (palitaw, cassava, biko) from Haltan (they make the best kakanins in town!). After the game, we went to Gerry's Grill. One of them had a gift check worth Php500 so we only had to add just a few more bucks if we wanted to order more, which we did. Yeah!!!

Buuuuut, there goes my diet again... Oh well, that's okay. It was so much fun! Every moment was worth it. Plus, I'm feeling summer all the more because of days like these. I hope you'll also be having a great summer, loves! I believe I'll still be having more days like these, so I hope you'll watch out for my next entries!

Enjoy every single day like it's summer! 
- thestatuesquecanvas

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Culprits of Extra Pounds

Tuna Cheeze Melt and Mochacapuccino at Coffee for Peace
Three Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza at Barrio Bistro
Mango Cake, Choco Croissant, and Cheese Floss from Breadtalk, with Mango Shake from Thirsty

Mango and Mocha Milkshake, Carbonara and De Boerderij Burger 

Two 1 pound burgers and Five Ribs at Riley Simon's 

This is what I miss... two 1 pound burgers and pasta from Perri Todd's at Iloilo. I just wanted to share this last picture. This was already a few months ago with my bestfriend at med school.
Sorry for being away for a while.. pretty long hiatus, don't you think? plus, this post isn't about fashion at all. :(
But I promise, pretty soon i'll be posting another entry on that.
As of now, here's what I've been doing lately...

So obviously, I BADLY need to go on a diet and do exercise coz lately, my friends and I have been going on food trips, even unplanned ones! Ugh! It feels so good to eat so much of those scrumptious food!!! but they make me feel guilty at the same time. I never want to go fat, so I'll probably lessen my intake starting today.

We are big pigs, aren't we?! haha. This is what I get for having guy friends who go hungry very often!
The food made me feel guilty, but the good times were worth it :)

- thestatuesquecanvas
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