Monday, March 25, 2013

Make up like a PRO: A Summer Beauty Workshop by Micah Zurita

 Before I start with this post, I would first like to apologize for being absent for a LONG time. I've been really busy with work lately. I didn't really have the time to blog anymore despite my hunger for it. But now that I already have enough time to blog (I believe so), I guess I could regularly update again. So, I hope you're still there to support me, my lovely readers!

Okay, so on with this post.

I have been doing hair and make up for a number of clients. I've been doing this for a while now. I always tell others that I never had the chance to take up my oh-so-ever-longed-for course which is Architecture, so instead on drawing on paper, I made the human face a canvas instead. It has been really fun doing make up. But I still know that I have a lot of room for improvement, so I decided to come to a beauty workshop last Friday, March 22, to learn more about it.

The event was called, "Makeup Like a Pro, A Summer Beauty Workshop by Micah Zurita"
That day, we were taught to do everyday makeup, which I don't normally do to myself since I never thought that brown shades would look good on me. I was so happy to know about the topic plus the model didn't have chinita or chinese eyes. I was so used to my singkit or small eyes, hence I was really glad to see how to put makeup on another eye shape. I really learned a lot that day, especially on learning how to put super light but pretty everyday makeup coz I am really used to doing the night makeup. I really look forward to attending more workshops by Ms. Micah Zurita and I really recommend every girl in town to attend her upcoming workshops. It was so easy to learn because she does everything step by step and she even came up with a little set up for each one of us so that we can also apply what she taught us during the workshop! Being hands on was the best.

The beauty set up
Ms. Micah's kit... that I greatly ENVY! Imma buy one for me soon :)
Ms. M. Zurita and her pretty model, Tinay
Everybody's busy drawing on their faces!
Pretty Ladies after the event!
Dinner is served! Gotta pay attention to our stomachs after 5hrs of makeup workshop! yum!

Thank you so much, Micah, for a really fun experience of learning basic makeup. I really learned a lot.

Maybe soon, I'll do a vlog on different makeup looks that I do for my clients, and looks that people request me to do. What do you think? :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

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