Monday, May 28, 2012

Little Missy

Everthing from SM Dept. Store

Photos by Erick Loquez

I am SO SORRY for the one week hiatus! We had a problem with our internet connection and it did suck big time... I feel so guilty not being able to update my blog. But just to kill that guilty feeling, Erick and I decided to have a shoot instead, so that I could have new posts for my blog just in case the connection gets better and so that he could practice his photography skills more. Nothing beats a blogger-photographer partnership! Oh yeah! :)

So on with my outfit... I initially saw an orange version of this dress on the rack but I didn't like how orange it was. Luckily, Erick saw the cream colored version and we really liked how elegant the mini dress looked. I bought it a while ago already, but I haven't really thought of how I should wear it or what I could pair it with...
so on a different day, I figured to buy tights but as I tried to look for a good pair, I accidentally saw this cute pair of yellow socks with bluish polka dots. My eyes were really fixed on em! I see a lot of fashionistas who wear socks and actually rock the look and I really envy them and their skinny legs! At first, I was hesitant on purchasing this pair coz I never really tried wearing socks paired up with a dress, thinking that it would not really look good on me unlike others who rock the socks.

But well... you wouldn't know if you wouldn't try, right? :)

So, what do you think? Should I try wearing socks more often?

The Statuesque Canvas

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sheer Top: Oxygen

 Necklace: Butingtings

Sequinned Shorts: WAGW

Booties: Primadonna

Photos by: Erick Loquez

It was a very hot afternoon and the sunlight was perfect for a shoot. Erick wanted to try a location in the city where walls were filled with graffiti. I knew the location was too colorful so I wanted to wear a contrasting color that would make me stand out... black. I also wanted an edgy look coz I think the graffiti pretty much reflect angst and coolness. So, I wore this sheer top that I got on sale at Oxygen and a pair of really really cute shorts that immediately caught my attention when I passed WAGW at Abreeza. To add a lil twist, I wore this bib-ish necklace that my grandmother gave me (Oh, how I love her!). And of course, my Primadonna booties never fail to give me that unique and edgy feel.

Erick said I looked sexy in this outfit! haha. Do you agree with him?

(Enjoying the remaining summer days as rainy days get nearer and nearer)

The Statuesque Canvas

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Friday, May 11, 2012

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The Statuesque Canvas

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Walk with Maggie

Top and Shorts: Bazaar || Wedges: People Are People || Accessories: Butingtings

Photographed by: Erick Loquez

Meet the newly added member of the family, Maggie! She's half Shih Tzu, half Poodle. Erick and I wanted to take her out for a walk and for fun, we had a little shoot with her. She's really behaved and I guess you could see that I didn't really have a hard time dealing with her. :)

As for my look...
It was too hot, so I opted to wear this sheer yellow-green top, shorts, and my wedges which I actually got on sale! Perfect for a hot summer day! I also wanted to try color blocking out and I'm really happy with the look I came up with. Yay!

Too dressed up for a dog walk? Nah, I don't think so. haha.

The Statuesque Canvas
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