Monday, April 30, 2012

Hair Dare!

Coffeeshop #1: Kangaroo

Coffeeshop #2: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Kangaroo's Matcha Latte

CBTL's Matcha Latee, Mango blend and Cheese Cupcake (FAVE!)

We dyed our hair just recently, SEE?! haha. My boyfriend and I already thought of having our hair dyed with brighter shades and done with unique styles a few months ago. So last week, we went to the salon just so we could already do that. I had my hair dyed underneath and a part of my bangs colored, while Erick added highlights after dying his hair with a light brown color. T'was a unique bonding for both of us. We were actually so excited and nervous at the same time when we were sitting in the salon, waiting to see the finished products. When we already did, we found ourselves really satisfied (and we were laughing too, by the way)! So in the next two days, we went out and together, we flaunted our new looks. lol. 

I love sitting around and just having conversations, so we went to two of my favorite coffeeshops in town after walking around for sometime. The milk teas were yuuuuummmmy!!! I want more! haha.

You might find me weird while reading this post (I'm finding myself weirdly happy at the moment so, uh, yeah. You get it. haha). Well, I guess I'm just simply happy with our hair and the fun time we had together :)

So whuddya think of my (or our) new look/s? I think we really had great guts to go with unusual hair styling options (especially my man coz we were thinking that he might look gay haha). So, does my hair look good on me? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me your thoughts! (wishing for a positive answer lol)

The Statuesque Canvas

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All Around

Silk Long-sleeves: Thrifted || Shorts: Bazaar || Pumps: Parisian || 
Sunnies: Fusion || Necklace: Butingtings

Photographs by: Erick Loquez

I was soooo happy when I saw this top in a thrift shop one day before my man and I went to his basketball game. I was looking for something that I could actually wear to work and it was perfect! I especially like the fabric coz it doesn't make me feel hot when worn (and it's summer so I need to have stuff that would make me feel that it's breezy).

Yeah, I wear this top at work but I also wanted to wear it on a regular day with friends. Didn't really want that super serious office girl look, so I decided to wear these khaki pair of shorts that I bought in Manila. As for the shoes, I really think my legs would look better with pumps and closed shoes. I just love em. So... TADA! ready to go and have some fun time with friends!

The reason for the title of this entry is simply because I could wear my top in almost any day, any occasion. Pretty all around, don't you think? :)

Hope you like my look :) By the way, had my hair dyed already. WILL POST ABOUT IT SOON!!!! so watch out, loves! :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

And the lovely winner of the giveaway is... *drum roll*

Just recently, I ended my first ever blog giveaway to show back the love that was shown to me by my lovely readers and followers, together with my sponsor, MyChiq Onlineshop who also wanted to give back the love to her lovely customers!

Prizes are:
- Bangles with pink ribbon detail
- Boho-ish feather necklace
- Cracking Nail Polish
- Assymetric Skirt

And now, I will finally announce the winner of this giveaway. The winner was chosen through RANDOM.ORG...

Through the TRUE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, I got the result of number... 59!

The lucky winner and the 59th person on my list is...


Hope you'll like your prizes!

To everyone who joined my first giveaway, I would like to thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart and I hope you'll all continue to support my blog! Hope you'd also look forward for more giveaways! Again, THANK YOU!

- thestatuesquecanvas

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mess and Tatters

Photographed by Erick Loquez

Denim Dress: SM || Denim Chaleco: Thrifted || Pumps: Parisian || Tights: DIY

My black tights got caught up with the heel of my pumps while I was walking one night, hence a run on it (ARGH!). I didn't really want to waste it, so I thought of tattering it further and hoping to achieve a somewhat edgy or unique look for it (do you think I did achieve that?). It took sometime for me to actually come up with an outfit that I could use with my tights until I saw this denim dress in my messy closet that I didn't use for a while already.  It was really perfect coz I actually got the look that I wanted - ragged but still presentable.

Always try to be innovative!

- thestatuesquecanvas

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grandma's Fashionable Taste

My grandma went home from Minnesota, US this summer to spend time with us and also for some personal reasons and errands. I was actually pretty surprised having known about it just a week before she arrived. It's pretty usual for her to bring some stuff for us since my brothers and I are the only grandchildren she has in the Philippines (she only has 5 grandchildren and she spoils all of us whenever she can!) and now I'm sharing to you guys the stuff she got for me (she has a surprisingly great taste in choosing these). Yes, I got that wide smile on my face when she handed me these lovelies!

Handy Make-up Kit. This was so perfect! I needed this so badly!

Elizabeth Taylor Perfume, NYC lipstick 

I'll show how this actually looks like some other time in an outfit post. Hope you'd watch out for that!

Will show this in another outfit post too :)
 This next picture isn't from my Grandma, but it was also something that I got from another special person, my boyfriend's mother, who also went home from the US for the summer and my man's graduation. I love this bag so much that I try so hard so that there won't be even a pinpoint stain/dirt on it!

So those are the new stuff that I got from my grandma (and from my man's mom). Wuddya think bout em? Pretty lovely and awesome, right?! Feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Oh by the way, I'll probably have my hair dyed next week. I'm actually choosing from a Dip-dye/Ombre hairstyle or having my hair colored underneath. HELP ME OUT HERE! What do you think would probably look better? Looking out for your opinions, loves! Thanks!

- thestatuesquecanvas

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Friday, April 13, 2012

OH Boho!

Crochet Top: JS || Inner: Diego || Belt: Soul Lifestyle || Maxi Skirt: G-Mall || Peep-toe Sandals: Mendrez

I love boho looks! I find em really comfortable so I always try to pull that look off (do you think I did? lol). I find the details of this top so interesting and I really love how it was made so I really got it (especially with it's really unexpected cheap price!). I originally thought of getting an orange one, but I ended up choosing a yellow piece coz my mom suggested it (she said it looked better). She's really a simple woman. She doesn't go for bold colors and she usually picks the neutral ones like black, white, brown and yellow. So yes, I got this (and besides, she was paying for it so I guess it was good to go for her suggestion lol). Well, it's not really bad, right? Plus, I recently got a belt from Soul which was yellow too, so... I guess it was perfect and went well with it, don't you think? And don't you think I ask too much?! haha. Sorry for that. :)

Maxi skirts are really great for boho looks. I wanted to get an aztec printed palazzo pants, but I thought that it would be really good to buy something that I could easily pair up with anything, practically speaking (and it's summer so it's the season for maxis). So I got this black sheer maxi skirt instead. I love this skirt but there's one itsy bitsy thing I don't like about it... the length. I'm a pretty tall girl for my race, hence the skirt is just up to my ankle. Oh well, I still think it's okay though. :)

To be honest, I really love fashion for a long time now, but I just got the guts to be as fashionable as I can just almost a year ago (thanks to other inspiring bloggers). So i hope you guys find my styles okay (if not really good haha). Do you think I pulled this recent look off? Feel free to fill the comment box, aight?

Hope you're having a wonderful and fabulous day, lovelies!

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- thestatuesquecanvas

Friday, April 6, 2012


I've just been blogging for three months, but I am already surprised and grateful for all the support that I've been getting! Another thing that I am most thankful of, is being nominated in the Liebster Awards! This is my first time to be nominated in any award and I'd like to thank Erika Taduran of The Living Closet for nominating me and of course, I'd also like to thank all of my readers who have been giving me love and making everything possible! Keep reading and keep loving, dears!!! <3

So, what does Liebster award mean? Liebster is a german word meaning "dearest" or "beloved". It can also mean "Favorite". This award is awarded to the bloggers who have been inspiring other bloggers.

1. Link the person who gave you the award in your post.
2. Put the award in your post.
3. Choose 5 blogs with under 200 followers to receive the award.
4. Let them know you awarded them.

I nominate:
1. Erika Taduran of The Living Closet
2. Hannah Magsayo of Someday Wonderland
3. Kyrie of Kyrie Kouture
5. Glaiza Ann Homez of Where Nightmares Of Fashion Starts

Do check their blogs out! Thanks!!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

TSC x MyChiq Goodies GIVEAWAY!


Photographs taken by ERICK LOQUEZ

Top: Unica Hija || Belt: Soul Lifestyle || Palazzo Pants/Maxi Skirt: Thrifted || Accessories: MyChiq Online Shop


Hey, loves! It's been three months since I started blogging and the way I see it, I guess I'm pretty much having a lot of people reading my posts each day and for that, I AM REALLY GRATEFUL!


I just would like to express my gratitude through this giveaway! I, along with my sponsor (who's really generous enough to help make this giveaway possible) and one of my favorite online shops, MYCHIQ ONLINE SHOP, are giving away these goodies! 

(MyChiq Online shop is one of my favorite thrift shops. They also have contact lenses, phone accessories and more!)

BANGLES with PINK RIBBON DETAIL as worn above.


CRACKING NAIL POLISHES (which I personally choose to use) perfect for the SUMMER!
Colors: Red and Summersky Blue
Brown Asymmetric Flow-y Skirt (Garter)

(For Philippine Residents only)

The Mechanics are as follows:

1. Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect (GFC)
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Pretty easy, right? :)

The winner will be chosen through

This Giveaway starts on April 5, 2012 and will end on April 25, 2012 at 10:00PM.

Good luck, dearies! Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

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