Friday, October 12, 2012


Let your style reflect your personality. Let your look show your identity. Express yourself and feel free. That's the power of fashion.

There are many ways of expressing yourself. And one effective way is through fashion. Try sitting in a coffee shop at one area of the city or inside a mall and look around. Even without knowing each person that passes by, you will have that impression on how their personalities are through the clothes they wear. They may be smart, silent, simple, classy, edgy, or whatsoever. As you can see, fashion does play an important role in our everyday lives too. It reflects who we are.

How about you? How do you dress yourself up? How do you express yourself? Is it...

 Sweet and Classy?


Hot and Edgy?

How about Unique and Happy?

Or maybe Cute and Sassy?


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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to the Old Days

Top: DIY || Ombre Studded Shorts: Jessica's Closet || Sneakers: Offshore || Necklaces: Tomliz

Photos by Erick Loquez

Ever had a point in your life where you wished you were a kid again? I've had those times recently. It felt so good to be that little thing, wanting so much in life, thinking about absolutely zero problems. Everything just felt so light and easy. If there's ever a part in your life where happiness is real and pure, I guess that would be your childhood days, don't you agree?

I bet you dreamed a lot as a kid. I know I did. Unfortunately, I didn't follow my dreams (which I super regret). There was too much pressure and influence around me that made me go the other way. Of course, I also had my share of wrong decisions, letting external factors affect me so easily, hence the regrets. But now that I finally had the chance of changing my life's direction, I decided to grab it. Well, I had second thoughts at first since I was used to doing things that would make other people proud, but then I thought, I should make myself proud first, right? So there's this plan that I will be accomplishing soon. I will be sharing about it to you guys once everything's already set. :) Wish me luck!

You will never find happiness and contentment by proving your worth to other people before making yourself happy first.

Something I learned in my life. Hope it would help you too :)
Have a great day guys!

P.S. I had this idea of a post because while I did my outfit shots, I really had fun. I felt so free and I played like I was a kid again, dreaming of how beautiful my life could be as I become a full grown adult.

- the statuesque canvas
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