Monday, February 3, 2014

MAKEUP BY G: My Addiction, My Passion

Hi guys! I am a really really REALLY bad blogger. I haven't had any blogger responsibility done for the longest time and I'm really sorry. I have a lot of career responsibilities to deal with and I have been really busy. But to make up for the hiatus, I wanna share to you one thing that I've been doing for over a year now - DOING MAKE UP.


At first, I was pretty hesitant in pushing through with this makeup thing. I just started off doing my own makeup just so I wouldn't look too pale or too "haggard". Then I did modeling for just a short time, but it was during those days when I realized that I HAD to learn putting on decent makeup and not just patting on powder and applying lip gloss.

Davao Fashion Bloggers (L-R): Rien, Pat, Farrah and Dawn

It was pretty hard at first. I really didn't know what to do. But time passed and there's this thing called "internet" too. I learned every single day. From choosing the right colors to applying makeup on the right places, depending on facial shapes and attributes. Then eventually, I learned to love doing it, that I felt like sharing this passion to others and showing the world this art that I chose to love and live with every single day of my life.


So now, I've decided to let the artist in me grow alongside my lipstick, blushes, palettes and brushes. These photos are some of my works and I hope you liked them. This won't stop here. I'll continue doing makeup and I will show you all my upcoming works soon too.


Should you decide to put on some makeup for your special occasions, I would be greatly happy to do that for you.

Please visit and like my page, Makeup by G and you can reach me through the number posted in the info box :)

- the statuesque canvas

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