Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blast in the City!

Again, it's been a week since I blogged :( ... Well, I've been really busy coz it's my first week at work and my friends from Med School in Iloilo came for a visit (for just four days). I was actually really sick those days (of all the days in year!!!), but since I'm their host, I tried to keep them company all the time. I was their driver-slash-tour guide, and boy was it tiring! BUT it was really fun too! :) They arrived last Monday, March 26. Here are some pictures of the things we did and places we went to... 

WARNING #1: may cause excessive drooling (haha. gluttons! well, food trips are really best when you're in Davao City, Philippines!)
WARNING #2: I know I said SOME pictures, but this post may be really lengthy because of them heehee. but I hope you'd enjoy viewing! Lemme take you to with us :)

DAY 1: Pizza at Barrio Bistro (Buy 1 take 1!!!) || Dessert at Ice Giants || Seeing the view of the city from Jack's Ridge

(L-R) JV, Katt, Louis
Hungarian and Garlic
Three Cheese (best seller and my fave!!!)
Pepperoni Calzone

Katt tried a special on the menu, the DURIAN Giant (the one with a cherry on top)

This felt like we were casts of the series HEROES. LOL

DAY 2: Davao Crocodile Park || Tribu K'Mindanawan || Davao Butterfly Garden || Dinner at K Steak Unlimited

The most expensive coffee i've ever seen!!! And it's actually from Civet poop! ugh! haha

 DAY 3: 
I didn't go to work this day coz I really had to rest. Lost my voice, had cough and colds and fever. I slept the whole day, while my friends went to Bluejaz Resort, Samal to have a taste of a Samal beach in Davao. At night, we were invited by my boyfriend's high school classmate to the grand opening of their restaurant in the new SM City Extension. The place is called Piyesta (a filipino word for "feasts"). Everything was for free - KTV, Food, Booze, and the beer/shot games.

Piyesta Bar's original mixes

Dama-Shot! You get it when you're Filipino :)
Oversized KTV Remote Control!

Katt and Louis played BEER PONG against my friends, Gian and Karl. These guys in the picture LOST. Ahwww.

DAY 4: Lunch at Lyndon's Worst Steak and Awful Chicken || Dinner at Safari Grill, Torres || Final bonding at Kangaroo Coffee Shop

I really love how catchy their description are of their food!!! (and the food are actually opposite the descriptions! yum!)

Matcha Latte!! This milk tea is by far the tastiest I've had!

So those are all the things we did for the whole week. I hope I was able to make you travel with us through the photos!

Oh and by the way, these are just some of the many awesome reasons why you should go visit our city! My friends wanted to stay longer. Unfortunately, they really had to go back to Iloilo for their school requirements. But they told me that they did have a great time and they will surely come back! Yay! I guess there'll be more trips soon! Weeee!

- thestatuesquecanvas


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Hahaha, SOME photos? These are amazing! I love the fun, food and friend filled photos. Looks like you guys had a blast :)

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Beautiful post on your blog, I love it! Would you like to follow each other?

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