Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good to Go!

I was really talking to somebody on the phone here, which explains the messy hair  :)

Lace and Sheer Top: Gmall || High Waist Pants: Oxygen || Bag: Louis Vuitton || Belts: Soul Lifestyle

Credits to my photographer (congratulations for finally having your newest gadget!): 
Erick Loquez

Today, I had to go do stuff for the requirements of my job.. OH YES, you read THAT right! I nailed the job I was training for! Yay! So, I'll be starting in a few days, and I just have to complete my requirements. Then after that, I am good to go!

I wore this lace top with sheer sleeves that I recently purchased in a mall. It was pretty cheap for such a pretty piece! I wanted to look corporate-ish so I also wore a pair of black high-waist pants that I also recently bought from Oxygen. It was on sale last week since our city celebrated it's 75th year (there were sales and discounts in every mall in town). I was really confused on what belt to wear and I couldn't really wear just one thin belt (it would make my hips look bigger than they already are!) so I wore two belts that I got from Soul Lifestyle (which were also on sale!). The bag is an original LV that was given to me by my grandma's sister who already passed away about three years ago (God bless her soul). Although heavy, I really love how good it was made! I've had this for years and it never gave up despite me stuffing a lot in it.

We went to Abreeza Mall after that and since there was a meet and greet with two rising Manila bloggers there (I'll be talking bout this in another entry) and I believe I am already dressed up for that too. :)

Do check out my next entry to know more about what happened this day! :)

Hitting two birds with one stone.

- thestatuesquecanvas


Claireta Teressa said...

super love your top

Ericka Garcia said...

Love the whole outfit!

Wish you all the best on your career Gillian :)

Psycho Cat said...

I like your blouse, it's very romantic :)

♥ Natalie said...

I love this outfit!! :D
I love the yellow belt and the blouse and of course the heels!

Vhing said...

I am inlove with your top. ♥


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