Sunday, July 1, 2012

Red Carpet

Photos by Erick Loquez

Top: Mom's || Belt: Soul Lifestyle || Mullet Skirt: Gmall

Last June 28, 2012, I attended a culmination event at the company I work for. It's like a graduation event for us, trainees, The Avengers GOP Batch 68. It was a coctail event and the motif was royal blue and gold which obviously, I did not follow. I already planned out what to wear and I did not ever have thoughts of changing the whole outfit. lol.

I realized that I love edgy styles. But I still have the love for lady-like outfits and soft colors. When I saw this mint green skirt at the mall, I really fell in love with it. I also thought that it would perfectly pair up with that top that I did end up wearing. It wasn't a big event but still, you have to look your best each day, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

My batch mates had their own versions of "cocktail" wear and some dressed simply, but still looked good. Here are some of the pictures taken during the event:

With Ram (L) and Don (R) - the three Operating Room Nurses! Yay!
With our oh so inspiring Clinical Training Officer, Mr. Holder Rainer Gayta
The Male Avengers
The Female Avengers

Crazy Guys

I am so happy to have finished the training, and finally, I am now a staff nurse! And so the journey begins... Wish me luck guys! I hope you will all pray for me as I start to work :) 

- the Statuesque Canvas

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Sandra Y. said...

wow! goodluck gel!!! :)

Anonymous said...

If that top is your Mom's then I know where you get your style from.Congrats girl! Please visit, comment and follow my blog at

Kristine Villano said...

wow! mukhang totoo talaga ang sinasabi nila na mapili ang DDH sa mga nurses! hmm eye candies. hahaha!!!!!

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