Friday, July 6, 2012

My Own Pair of Shorts

Artwork Top || DIY Shorts (my old Old Navy's) || Primadonna Booties || Denim outerwear from Gmall || SM Accessories Cross Necklace and Leather bracelets || Excel Paris Volume Uplip Lipstick

If you have read my previous post, well, this is an example of the style I love. This style is so me. :)

Yesterday, I decided to design my own shorts again after almost a year.
And now, here's the finished product!
I'm thinking of making more and selling em in my own online shop (called FADED and TATTERED) where I would also sell make-up (just like that matte lipstick I'm wearing)
I'm actually planning to sell made to order tops and bottoms and make-up, such as MAC.

So, what do you think?
Will you fancy these kind of shorts and make-up?

- the Statuesque Canvas


Marion ♥ said...

Hala akala ko si Kwesh! :) Haha. Love the necklace!! <3

♥ Natalie said...

Wow, they look sooo cool! I love it (:


Alta Infante said...

Wow, really nice DIY shorts.. :)

and about the makeup, I'm finding an online shop selling Excel lippies, hope to see it on your shop. :)

Anyways, maybe we could follow each other? my GFC widget got broken, and I lost almost all of my followers. :( Maybe you could help me. (puppy eyes)

Here's my blog:


Jessica said...

wow lovely shorts!

Neche said...

Those shorts are sooo pretty! That's so creative of you! And you shd totally make more and sell them because that's a good talent you got there,people would be all over the shorts! Please visit,comment and follow my blog at

Shelly { @ Quiet Luxury } said...

Great photos, even cooler shorts!

Quiet Luxury

Helmiina said...

Wow those shorts look awesome!:) such a nice outfit, you look very stylish ;) Following you now!! Hope you'll do the same;D
xoxo Helmiina

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