Friday, July 6, 2012

My Own Pair of Shorts

Artwork Top || DIY Shorts (my old Old Navy's) || Primadonna Booties || Denim outerwear from Gmall || SM Accessories Cross Necklace and Leather bracelets || Excel Paris Volume Uplip Lipstick

If you have read my previous post, well, this is an example of the style I love. This style is so me. :)

Yesterday, I decided to design my own shorts again after almost a year.
And now, here's the finished product!
I'm thinking of making more and selling em in my own online shop (called FADED and TATTERED) where I would also sell make-up (just like that matte lipstick I'm wearing)
I'm actually planning to sell made to order tops and bottoms and make-up, such as MAC.

So, what do you think?
Will you fancy these kind of shorts and make-up?

- the Statuesque Canvas


Marion ♥ said...

Hala akala ko si Kwesh! :) Haha. Love the necklace!! <3

♥ Natalie said...

Wow, they look sooo cool! I love it (:


Alta Infante said...

Wow, really nice DIY shorts.. :)

and about the makeup, I'm finding an online shop selling Excel lippies, hope to see it on your shop. :)

Anyways, maybe we could follow each other? my GFC widget got broken, and I lost almost all of my followers. :( Maybe you could help me. (puppy eyes)

Here's my blog:


Jessica said...

wow lovely shorts!

Neche said...

Those shorts are sooo pretty! That's so creative of you! And you shd totally make more and sell them because that's a good talent you got there,people would be all over the shorts! Please visit,comment and follow my blog at

Anonymous said...

Great photos, even cooler shorts!

Quiet Luxury

Helmiina said...

Wow those shorts look awesome!:) such a nice outfit, you look very stylish ;) Following you now!! Hope you'll do the same;D
xoxo Helmiina

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