Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday Shoot

I'm not supposed to be included in the shoot, but I'm honored to have my picture taken despite being in a very casual outfit ^_^

Cyrelle Saavedra
Janine Capilla
Mary Ann Mati-Ong
Ashley Alvarez
Ayeza Siangco

Kristine Villano of

Vanessa Ursua
Photos by Marvin Gepulla of One-Winged Angel Digital Imagery
(the editing's a bit too much, but pretty impressive shots though!)

I was just going along with my boyfriend to their class photoshoot  last Sunday for their upcoming retreat. Didn't really expect to have my picture taken. I was only wearing a casual look. I mean, see how dressed up these girls are? Anyhoo, speaking about that, I was really amazed at how fashionable they were. Erick (my boyfriend) and most of his classmates were really at their best in dressing up that day. I really enjoyed looking at them while their photos were taken. These photos above feature girls who were requested for additional shots after the studio shoot. Who wouldn't want to take these pretty girls' pictures, right? It was a hot day but it was pretty fun too, seeing these people being so gorgeous :)

You only live once so always be at your best!

- thestatuesquecanvas

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