Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teenage Vintage

Inner: Milk & Co.
Pink-striped top: Redhead
High waist shorts: Thrifted
Photos by Johfil Villanueva

If given a chance, I'd really want to go back to my teenage days and enjoy em to the fullest. I have my own issues due to happenings in my past. I've been left by people whom I didn't ever expect to leave me and they also broke my trust. Because of those events, I wasn't able to enjoy those years. I had anger and hatred in my heart which led me to do things just to prove to people that I am worth it and I don't deserve to be treated badly and lied to. I even entered MED SCHOOL just coz I thought that if I would become a doctor, I'd get that prestige and respect that I deserve. I had trust issues and I admit that until now, it would take time for me to say that I trust somebody.

But here's the thing. I stopped med school 3 months ago. I just stayed there for one sem. Why? Because I've decided to let all the negative feelings go and just forgive. I had the wrong reasons in entering medschool, so I've decided to stop and live life the right way. I just want to enjoy the life that God blessed me with. I realized that I will not gain anything but sadness if I let the anger and hatred in me grow more.

Let all the negative feelings go. Learn to accept, learn to forgive. Do these, and you'll see how beautiful life is :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

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