Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pastels, Sheers and Flares

I've been really addicted in looking at different pictures and looks in Lookbook recently, as well as surfing the net for the latest trends. Here in the Philippines, we only have two seasons (or weathers): Sunny and Rainy. Unfortunately, we couldn't really layer up our clothes even if it's rainy. We don't have winter, so as much as I want to wear those cute coats and boots, I couldn't. I'll be bathing myself with my own sweat by the time I finish walking around. But, fortunately, we can still wear cute and stylish outfits here (well, we can actually wear a lot of styles. I just wanted to try all those coats and boots). So here are some of the latest trends in fashion at this time.

note: photos are just copied from the net

First up, PASTELS. I believe this will never go off trend here in our country. I really think pastels are refreshing and they're never hard to pair up with anything.

Second on the list, SHEERS. They're everywhere! Well, it's pretty much not surprising on why people (especially the ladies) love them. They're comfortable and it feels light when you're wearing them.

Lastly, FIT AND FLARE DRESSES. Classic, vintage and chic. They really show that pretty lady in you.

Taylor Swift

The latest trends in fashion are not only stylish, they also promote comfort. You can't rock an outfit if you are not comfortable in it.

Hope you had fun reading!

- thestatuesquecanvas


Kristine Villano said...

love the Mullet skirts. <3

Gelianne Alba said...

yep. will try doing a DIY of that soon ^_^

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