Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stylish Rags (being Streetwise!)

Photos by: Johfil Villanueva
Style inspired by the KFC Streetwise Commercial here in the Philippines!

The shirt and the pair of shorts are customized by me all coz i was bored yesterday. :)

 This was actually my brother's shirt which he didn't use anymore. So instead of giving it away or using it as a rug at home, i decided to take a pair of scissors, cut off the collar sleeves and make fringes at the bottom just so it wouldn't look like an ordinary sando. I wanted to put a design on the shirt too, but I still wasn't brave enough, thinking that I might not like the output.

The pair of shorts WERE my old jeans. And since I don't usually wear jeans, I CUT EM TOO. haha. But then, I thought it was still too boring. I wanted to customize it too just like the shirt. Unfortunately, I didn't have any fabric paint around soooooooo... I used my CRACKING NAILPOLISH, knowing that they look good when dry and without the transparent coat. So I put some of it on the shorts, then VOILA! Got what I wanted! Yay!!!

So what do you think of my creations? :) If you wanna know specifically how I did these, don't hesitate to ask!

Let your imaginations and creativity out!

- thestatuesquecanvas

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