Friday, January 20, 2012

Newsgirl in Oxfords

Wearing my favorite skull connector ring and featuring my Cracking Nailpolish (I sell em!)

Prima Donna Oxfords c/o Mr. Special Someone, Erick :) Thanks, beb!

Just showing my dyed hair... wow, it's been almost a year since I had my hair dyed!

I really love Belle's hair color (mahogany)!

My pretty friend, June Belle after having his hair cut at La Core
The Peak (at Gaisano Mall of Davao)
Note: This might be the longest blog so far >.<

Today's look:
Jeggings: Jalate
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Primadonna Oxfords

It was so hot outside, I had to wear something sleeveless. I couldn't wear shorts coz I had to take a pre-employment exam this morning. As you can see, I'm just wearing a plain gray razor back and blue jeggings (I know jeggings shouldn't really be worn with a top this short, but it looked good with the shoes). The look was too plain, I had to add my blue denim chaleco which I bought for a cheap price in a store that I couldn't remember, and my favorite navy blue suede newsboy hat. It was my late grandfather's hat and I really treasure it so much.

The Primadonna oxfords are my favorite. They were chosen, bought and given to me by my baby love, Erick. I love em for being so cute and unique. I love em so much, that I bring extra flats just in case it would rain by night coz I don't want em wet. They're pretty comfortable too! Primadonna has a great collection of shoes. They're designs are updated. Try checking their stores out! You can visit their site too if you're too lazy to go out. ^_^

My pretty friend:
I was with my friend, June Belle who also wore a simple but cute outfit! So, I had to take his picture too with his oh so new and cool Samsung Galaxy S-II (ENVY MUCH). His polo and jeans are both from Penshoppe. He said he bought it on sale so it was a good bargain!
Shoes: Converse

What happened today?
I didn't get my hair ironed this morning since I was running late for our pre-employment exam. But, I wasn't late, thanks to my informant, June Belle! haha. Good thing he was at the assigned place so early that he was able to tell me if I was really running late or not. He ended up texting me and telling me to relax coz the exam had not started yet. Soooooo... again, I wasn't late. And I was able to take all 13 tests. The exams were supposed to be easy, unfortunately, almost every test was time pressured. Imagine answering a 50-item math test (just simple MDAS) for 5 minutes! It was THAT pressuring!!!

So since we were drained by that exam, June Belle and I decided to go to a mall in town to have our lunch. Then, we went strolling and took time for digestion. We went to "The Peak", one of the new sights in town. It's on the roof top of the mall. The construction's not yet done, but they already have this lovely water fountain attraction located at the center of the area. Pretty, isn't it? :)

Relaxation after a tiring day is really fun, especially when you spend it with a very good friend :)

- thestatuesquecanvas

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