Friday, September 28, 2012


September 27, 2012, Thursday -- SM Lanang Premier Davao City opened to VIP's and tenants. Not all shops were open but those that opened catered people who were invited to join them on their opening events. One event that I attended to was the Forever 21's Fashion show and ribbon cutting event. It was such a great experience for a lot of people, especially to those who are fashion-hungry! There were around a hundred people invited and everyone really dressed up for the cocktail event.

That's F21 at the ground floor

(WARNING: This post is flooding with photos!)

Never missed picture taking just before the event:
Davao Fashion Bloggers and Photographers
Fashion bloggers Steph, Gail, Kwesh, Cham and yours truly

The oh so famous Davao Fashion Blogger, Cheyser Pedregosa!
Wouldn't miss the chance of taking a picture with her!

Jean Choy, the F21 Card holder that I was with during the event. I wouldn't be there if it wasn't for her. Thank you!

Oh, I so love every outfit and every article of clothing!!! *drools*

The Runway

And finally, the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the most awaited fashion destination in town!

By the time you'd step inside their super cute and elegant store, you would surely stop for a while, thinking what to look at first, what to fit first and what to pick first from an ocean of fashion finds! If you're super hungry for fashion, Forever21 will surely satisfy your needs!

I was so tempted to buy, especially a pair of shoes!!! But I had to stop myself and wait for some other time to shop because of the LOOOOOOONG line at the dressing room and at the cashier. I guess some other time...

It was a very successful event. CONGRATULATIONS, FOREVER21!
So for all you guys who constantly search for the latest trends in fashion, go the the newest fashion destination in town FOREVER 21 located at the newest shopping destination in Davao City, SM LANANG PREMIER!

Would you like some Hot Matcha Latte? :)

- the statuesque canvas



I love Cheyser Predregosa. Cool post.

xx Tisha,

Frances said...

You are so lucky! I haven't visited the F21 store yet. Darn.haha :D

I am a Davao fashion blogger as welll. Definitely following you. Would you mind following each other? :)

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