Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sexy and Free

Photos by: Erick Loquez

Green Blazer: So Haute
Yellow Top/Inner: Forever 21
Sequinned Shorts: WAGW
Neon Necklace and Ring: Tomliz
Neon Spikes Bracelets: Gaisano Mall
Satchel: Props
Flats: Solemate

I had such a hard time looking for something to wear at the Forever 21 Event at SM Premier Davao City today! I didn't actually plan on going since I was too busy that I forgot about it and just remembered about the event this morning, so I wasn't able to find ways to get invitations or passes. But then a friend of mine, an F21 Card holder, received an invitation but didn't want to go coz she didn't have anyone to drag to the event. I sent her an SMS about the event and I was actually pretty lucky since she invited me to go. SUPER HAPPY!

I recently got these neon spikes bracelets at a department store recently and I am sooooo itching to wear them so I thought of an outfit that would match them. I also tried to think of wearing something fashionable since this is not just a simple event. It's FOREVER 21! So I chose to wear my F21 top and paired it with a blazer. It kinda looked plain when I looked at myself in the mirror so I added this sequined shorts to the look. I figured that a lot of people would wear heels. I wanted to wear heels, but I was too lazy to walk in them today, and I wanted the comfort of my Solemate flats. I really felt comfy with my outfit today plus there's that taste of sexiness because of my shorts. I felt fashionable and free while walking through the halls of the newest mall in Davao City!

Sexy and Free - the title of this post that I thought of exactly because of the feeling that I have with my outfit. Do you feel it too? :)

- the statuesque canvas


Em said...

nice look! :)

♥ Natalie said...

Oh, so many colors! Great, love it <3


Verna Abril said...

love the colors in this outfit :) cute shorts!

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