Friday, January 6, 2012

Regular Day Make-up

This morning, I decided to come with my mom to work just to avoid the hassle of commuting. But since I informed her about it on the last minute (like a few minutes before she leaves), I had to rush into the shower, put on whatever clothes I could grab and I ended up bring all my make-up and my hair iron with me to my mom's clinic (I rushed into the car without even combing my hair and having toothpaste residue around my lips T_T). I decided to do my make-up there just so she wouldn't rant and shout at me for consuming so much time preparing at home and making her patients wait (besides, who wants to be scolded, right?). Okay, enough 'bout my super wrecked self this morning and on to what I did next... putting on make-up :)

Except for the straight lip color by Nichido and the concealer by LA Colors, I use this much stuff just for my eye make-up which partly explains why it takes me two hours just to prepare for a regular day out.
Brown shades are perfect for a regular day.
(I don't remember the brands of these palettes, but I remember them being limited edition palettes.)
I usually use only two brushes in putting eyeshadow. A round-tipped brush by Nichido and another one (personal fave), an N-8 eyes-yeux brush from Marionnaud which is perfect for blending shadows.
For my eyeliner (I LOVE PUTTING ON EYELINER cause my eyes would look tired without it), I use Nichido's waterproof eyeliner, which I don't really recommend (bad consistency! I'm just using it all up before I buy a new brand).

As for my mascara, I use Loreal's Lash Architect (it's great!)


If you notice, I did not mention any blush. I don't usually put blush-on coz I don't want to draw attention to the cheeks (they're too puffy already T_T).

So now that you've seen my before and after pics (sorry for the poor quality), what do you think of my make-up? Too much? Not too much? :) Lemme know! And oh, if you do have questions, don't hesitate to ask ^_^ till next time dearies!

- thestatuesquecanvas

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