Sunday, January 8, 2012

Versatile Feline

I fell in love with the gold stilettos when I first saw these heels!
I also fell in love with the detail of the skirt when I passed by it in a mall.
Purchased both at a cheap price!

The only piece that is branded here is the bag (Coach). Purchased the skirts and the two pairs of shoes from the department stores of two different malls in town. I'm a very thrifty shopper, believing that fashion is not about the price tag, but how you carry the pieces that you decide to wear each day :) ...but of course there are exemptions, knowing that sometimes, branded accessories, clothes and shoes have better quality.

Today's a lazy sunday. Wore a black knee-length dress as a maxi skirt paired with an animal print top and accessorized it with a brown belt and bangles. The other outfit where I paired the same animal print top with a bandage skirt was what I wore when I went to apply for a job two weeks ago. I decided to put the two outfits together just to show that there can be versatility in wearing anything... you can be as lazy as you want or be as sophisticated as you can get. :)

Don't be afraid to experiment! Be confident! ^_^

- thestatuesquecanvas

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Eva said...

Love the bag and the top. :)

Gelianne Alba said...

thanks Eva! :)

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