Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pop Quiz

Top: Artwork
Shorts: Jessica's Closet
Sunnies: from a friend
Booties: Primadonna

I got so bored today doing nothing on my day off, so I've decided to look for photos to edit just for fun. While I was browsing through my files, I found these outfit shots that Erick took months ago. I actually forgot to post about this! So here I am, doing this overdue outfit post. >_<

That top from artwork is one of my favorites and by that, I mean I somewhat overuse it. Admit it, there will always be something in your closet that you can't let go of and you overuse! There's actually nothing wrong in using clothes over and over. Actually, that's pretty practical. You just have to work your creative mind to come up with different looks, even if there's one or two pieces in your look that you repeatedly use. Say for example, a plaid shirt. You could wear it as a plain top wear, as a cover up, or you could tie the bottom part of the shirt and wear it as a hanging top to show those sexy abs off (that's if you have em. I know I don't... yet. haha). There are a lot of ways, trust me. Well, just make sure you use your fave clothes within long intervals, aight? I mean, you wouldn't want your friends telling you that you're wearing the same shirt the other day, would you? lol. 

Just a lil sharing and advice from a person who always tries to be reasonable, practical and thrifty when it comes to fashion. :) Hope I helped and kept you interested with this post! Have a great day!

- the statuesque canvas


Nerza said...

Amazing Outfit! :)
I adore your top


Ira Kharchenko said...

Wow! I love the outfit!

bee. said...

Wow.I love your style! The shorts I can probably wear...but I'm not confident in showing my arms..LOL. Love the booties as well :)

By the way, I nominated you for an award!

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