Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carbon Copy

Metallic Bandage Skirt: Trinkets 2 Keep

Batwing Top: Mental

Accessories: Butingtings

About the outfit:

I wanted to look simply elegant and comfy, so I decided to wear this Batwing top which really beat the heat despite the long sleeves. I didn't want to look too plain, so I wore this very cute metallic purple bandage skirt from Trinkets 2 Keep. We planned on going to the mall, so I wore flats so that I could last long walks inside. To add a lil twist to the look, I wore accessories that I think would pretty much stand out and would not make my look dull.

Metallic Flats: Penshoppe

Meet my youngest bro, Angelo :)

Just a lil sharing again... :)

My parents are simple people... and their children doesn't actually dress simply. LOL. My mother once said, "I wonder why you kids dress up like that when your father and I are just simple (saying this in a very casual and cute way)" We really don't know why, but my two brothers and I just want to look and feel good everytime we go out of the house, just like the day these photos were taken. My youngest brother, Angelo, wanted to go to a mall nearby to buy a shirt so Erick and I accompanied him there, but before that, we REALLY had to take outfit shots! I love my brother's fashion sense - Korean-inspired (well, a lot of people say that we do look like Koreans! haha)

Bonding with my brothers is one of the things I really enjoy. Love em so much!

OH, ABOUT THE TITLE: I used this title coz a lot of people say that Angelo and I look really alike and we're the carbon copy of my Father and Grandfather (God bless his soul)
Comfort and Passion is important in Fashion :)

- The Statuesque Canvas
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Ericka Garcia said...

You and your look so cute! :)

I love the top Gillian <3

Ericka of

Sandra Y. said...

pretty!! love the skirt!!! hehe


CarmisCaprice said...

Pretty outfit! :)

Followed you through GFC
Pls follow mine, too!


Im giving away a Grecian Goddess inspired dress from

ZoƩ said...

You both look really cool! Nice outfits and I especially love the purple skirt - so glamorous. :)

Cyra Anne said...

OMG! For a moment there I didn't recognize Angelo. I always though of him as the boy from The Grudge movie, and now he's changed. By the way, your blog is amazing Gel. I miss you! And good luck!

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