Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coffee, Tea or Me?

I just can't help but purchase cheap but great finds!!! After church, we went to SM City Davao and I bought these two pieces of clothes.

Top: Gui (Thrifted)
Jeggings: Jalate (from JC Penny)
Pumps: Parisian by SM
(Accessories are from a direct retailer/retail shop in town)

I actually wanted to wear a dress to church today, but because the sky wasn't clear and the weather's cold, I opted to wear long sleeves paired with jeggings instead.  My mom said that I looked like a waitress in some fancy restaurant and honestly, I took it as a compliment! Thus, the title of this blog :) I was hesitant on wearing pumps because I would surely catch people's attention being so tall (5"7' plus another 5 inches from the heels), but eventually, I thought... that's okay. I can't do anything about my height and I really love heels so... "ah, what the hell, just wear 'em, Gel," i thought to myself. :) Hence, I was that 6-feet girl at church.

Don't ever be afraid to stand out! ^_^

- thestatuesquecanvas



we should never be afraid to stand out. i'm 5'8 and LIVE in heels.!! so glad you opted for the pumps. love the tie detail on the shirt, looks so good. church fashionista

Gelianne Alba said...

yay! i'm happy i'm not alone! haha. i've always thought that it would probably be better being shorter but... well, if you can't fit in, then stand out! :)

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