Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grandma's Fashionable Taste

My grandma went home from Minnesota, US this summer to spend time with us and also for some personal reasons and errands. I was actually pretty surprised having known about it just a week before she arrived. It's pretty usual for her to bring some stuff for us since my brothers and I are the only grandchildren she has in the Philippines (she only has 5 grandchildren and she spoils all of us whenever she can!) and now I'm sharing to you guys the stuff she got for me (she has a surprisingly great taste in choosing these). Yes, I got that wide smile on my face when she handed me these lovelies!

Handy Make-up Kit. This was so perfect! I needed this so badly!

Elizabeth Taylor Perfume, NYC lipstick 

I'll show how this actually looks like some other time in an outfit post. Hope you'd watch out for that!

Will show this in another outfit post too :)
 This next picture isn't from my Grandma, but it was also something that I got from another special person, my boyfriend's mother, who also went home from the US for the summer and my man's graduation. I love this bag so much that I try so hard so that there won't be even a pinpoint stain/dirt on it!

So those are the new stuff that I got from my grandma (and from my man's mom). Wuddya think bout em? Pretty lovely and awesome, right?! Feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Oh by the way, I'll probably have my hair dyed next week. I'm actually choosing from a Dip-dye/Ombre hairstyle or having my hair colored underneath. HELP ME OUT HERE! What do you think would probably look better? Looking out for your opinions, loves! Thanks!

- thestatuesquecanvas

P.S. I still have my "Thank you" Giveaway going on till the 25th! Please do join if you haven't yet! Thanks!




Marina said...

Hai nice Blog!! :)
Like your Outfits!

xx Marina

Levina D said...

Your grandma is so cool :o and your future mother-in-law too ;) love the bag she gave you.

About the dye... I'm also considering dyeing my hair. Black hair color is kinda boring since the texture isn't really there :D I choose the safest color: dark brown. And as for the technique... Well, I'm not so sure XD probably underneath?

Janet said...

awww, your grandma is such a sweetie ^_^~

iamkristalynn said...

OMBRE! :)) and btw, you're grandma is soooo sweet. blessed you..

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