Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've been staring at the ceiling the whole morning. I woke up but I didn't really move out of bed... went straight to thinking about a question that suddenly popped inside my head as I opened my eyes: "What would I want if I have enough money to spoil myself?"

Here are some (really, these are only SOME) of the things that I thought of... they're on the top of my list!

Makeup Brush Set. Wishing I could have the one from Mac! Tried em before and I love them!

I wouldn't really want to have THIS much makeup, but I do wish I have enough to use for any event.
and if only I could have unlimited EYELINER coz my eyes would look too small and sleepy without it.

Comfy sweaters and glittery clothes. I realized that I only have  one gold top!!! 

BLAZERS! I could always share my Mom's blazers but they're usually shades of black , gray and mostly white
(my mom's a doctor). I badly need the ones that are COLORFUL.

I am a "shorts person". But recently, I've been feeling the crave for skirts. I 'LL BUY MORE SKIRTS PRETTY SOON!


Since my Camera's broken, I WISH I WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE A NEW CAMERA!!!
(or I would also want my boyfriend to finally have his own DSLR which he'd probably get soon!)
I've been havin' a pretty hard time taking pictures of my looks and outfits. If my photographer's busy, I end up taking pictures with my camera phone. Well, it does suffice, but of course, the quality of a DSLR camera is waaaaaaaaay better.

The Olympus Lumix isn't really a professional DSLR camera, but I'm loving its shots and quality! It's still capable of taking really good pictures.

If I'd get a professional camera, it would probably be a Nikon.

Hard work will always pay off. Work hard and you'll reach your dreams!

- thestatuesquecanvas


Charlotte's House said...

MAC brush set is to die forrrr!!!!
Want it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend!

Gelianne Alba said...
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Gelianne Alba said...

i know right?! i want em so bad!!! XD

Charlotte's House said...

Thankx for following!!!
Follow you back!!!

Gelianne Alba said...

thanks, Kate! Kisses!

Karla said...

The last photo is hilarious! :)) Love your posts.


Gelianne Alba said...

i was laughing when i saw the photo of the big Nikon camera. :))


Vina Yabut said...

I love everything! :) If only I have lots of money to spend on these. sigh. Hehe

If you have time, please join my post-birthday giveaway here:

Thank you! :)

e.rose said...

Same! I want all of what you want too....
anyways.. great outfit!
Thanks for visiting my blog! :)) followed yours!

Gelianne Alba said...

Hi Vina. done joining your giveaway! hope you'd follow back.. i'll probably have a giveaway soon too :D

Gelianne Alba said...

Done! :D thanks for following and commenting!!

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