Thursday, February 9, 2012

Somedaywonderland BLOG GIVEAWAY


1. Follow me on Twitter and tweet me (@hannahmagsayo)
"WIN a satin orange blazer from @hannahmagsayo ‘s Blog giveaway :) "
2. Follow me on tumblr (flywithballoons)
3. Follow me in blogspot via google (
4. Reblog this as many times as you want
5. Add MillerShop Clothing in Facebook, HERE

*Winner will be chosen via
* Open to Philippine residents only.
*giveaway is until feb 20 , 2011


Style Sud-Est said...

Hi there found you via Kate's blog
I love your personal style on lookbook
Cute blog you have there

I am a new follower


Bravoe Runway said...

What an awesome giveaway! Too bad I live in the US :) Thank you for stopping yb and following, I'm doing the same a look forawrd to your next post!

Gelianne Alba said...

hey! thanks! i'm happy that you appreciate my style! (really really happy!) will check out your blog too!

thanks again! kisses :*

Gelianne Alba said...

thanks so much! stay pretty!!! (really, you are. i envy the shape of your face ^_^)

LifeStyle Journal said...

Thank you for your amazing sweetest comment on my blog!!!!

Mara Feliz said...

Waaaaaah!!! I love the orange blazer! Totally joining this giveaway :) Thanks for this! :)

Kisses! xxx

YUPI said...

This is nice! Good luck!! : )

P.S. You might want some cupcakes too during this love season.
Check this out:

Gelianne Alba said...

you're welcome :)

Gelianne Alba said...

visit their site for you to join. you should fill up the form there :)

here you go:

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